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The end of Covid-2019 - the amblingindian Corona outlook! By Aina Rao

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

A lot of speculation is going around as to when the Covid-19 epidemic might end. Putting together bits and pieces of logic and a lot of factors, can help make an informed guess. ( this is the amblingindian Corona outlook- akin to the weather outlook !)

For starters, the reaction of people, Governments and businesses has been drastic. People may not have fallen sick with the Corona Virus , but many are certainly sick of it. The reactions of people ( including myself) are ranging from bizarre to ludicrous, from buying toilet paper by the swathes, to stocking up on everything and anything- dog biscuits included ( Hello- i dont even have a dog, but who knows, which dog might run out of food ?)

The most important question, though, on everyone's minds,is - when will this end? Or are we entering a labyrinth of uncertainty, economic recession, and more? The abyss certainly seems deep, long, uncertain and frightful.

But, a glimmer of hope. Ancient wisdom says that destinies change with time. What goes up must come down, and vice versa. Based on Vedic Astrology and planetary moves ( Move of Jupiter to Capricorn in april and Sun to Aries on 14 april), there are several indications that we may see a significant relief ( could be a kind of a cure or something else generating optimism )between the 29th of March- 29 th April. The upbeat indications might start a little earlier. Although it will then have a positive impact over the next few months, Covid -19 will come down by May 29 ( when Rahu moves out of Ardra), flip again with the solar eclipse on June 21, and then wane out. It might peter out completely around September ( with the movement of Ketu). ( This is based on movements of planets that influence our lives).

Can this really happen so soon? There are some good reasons to beleive this.

Reason no 1- , This is a disease that affects the rich and the poor alike, and there is a race

to find a cure. Unlike malaria which has been languishing for years, whoever wins this race could rake in a fortune. Experimental drugs such as antivirals and chloroquine seem to have worked in some instances. People who are in the throes of the disease may opt for experimental drugs, leading to better outcomes . Over time, herd immunity will take over. China, Singapore, Korea have managed to contain the spread already.

Reason no 2- Modern medicine has become a lot smarter than before . With research methodologies being so advanced today, chances are something will come up very soon. and once a vaccine is found, the mood will turn upbeat. ( People are just waiting for a glimmer of hope - waiting for WHO to let out both the dogs and humans!) If China had announced the disease in December, the cure might have been in advanced stages. Hence, it is only a matter of time.

In the meantime, what can we do to stay calm ? Again, We could turn to ancient Indian wisdom. So staying calm, staying positive, and not panicking, might help. An epidemic is bad enough, no need to add panic and enhance the pandemic!

By using ancient Indian wisdom, even while we wait for the tide to turn, we can adopt a multi pronged approach for peace. Use this time to progress towards a higher existence, by any one or more of the yogas :

- Understanding the scriptures ( Gyana yoga)

-Pray to the Sun, the giver of good health ( Bhakti yoga) and to Lord Rudra ( form of Shiva)

- Keep fit ( Hatha yoga)

- and help others ( Karma yoga).

What else can you do, in this age of panic? Focus on things within control. As the Bhagavad geeta says, " Do your work, do not worry about the results". You can spend time on yogas , and also-

- Read more ( Suggested read AMBLING INDIAN DIARIES-- a hilarious read, a top 10 amazon in humor title, to lighten the mood. available on amazon and all online/bookstores, link below ).

- Spring clean your house

- Spring clean your mind through meditation

- Help others

- Spend time with family and children - pray together

- Create a personal backup plan ( more about that in the next blog)

- Develop clean habits ( washing hands, namaskara instead of shaking hands, washing face and feet before entering the house, eat Sattvic food , and so on...)

We need to focus on what is in our control. Things will pass - this world is ephemereal!

So, sit tight, take a deep breath, don't panic. Wait until the month-end, and remember- it was the amblingindian who foresaw the uptrend by the end of March - end april , and unfolding over the next few months!!

Regards, by Aina Rao, a new common woman ...

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20th March 2020

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