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A state of Existence

Telangana is now declared official. The brand new, 29th state of India, carved out of another. The long standing agitations, dissent and discontent, all quelled by one more masterstroke of the UPA Govt. " Yes to Telangana. Lets go for it. Absolutely!" No need for more laws,  roads, or governance, what we need are more ministerial berths, cabinet seats and what have you. More elections to win, or at least to contest. More avenues for amassing ill- gotten gains, for stashing away kickbacks. At least, more people who can get their fingers into the pie, for the pie itself  is now sliced many times over. And so we shall progress,  along the road from independence, multiplying by dividing, in an ameobic fashion. Go back to parasitic roots. Proliferate. Create more states. More states of confusion and chaos, at least. Sod the EU models of harmonisation. Unity we don't need, diversity we embrace. The more of it, the better. At least, as long as we can stay diverse, and disparate. And so, I have resolved, let me create my own state of confusion, Let there be further division, at a state, district, city, village, street and even house level. All is welcome. why not? My house is my state, and I shall have my own elected Govt. here. Be my own chief. Form my own cabinets. Get all kickbacks back to me. No sharing, no consolidation business here. Each house, a state in its own right, does not need to be part of any other , right? Subservience to another state? No way! I shall even levy my own taxes, sod all others. Here's a toast to the eternal Indian states of my house, the states of joy, exhilaration, confusion and chaos. The genesis of the amblingindian state, literally! Regards, Aina Rao The amblingindian. More on Telengana :

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