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Bangalore in the news...- A "Many states" Story

A " Many states " story

It's Bangalore in the news, once again.. Beautiful, blissful Bengaluru. and for all the right reasons this time...

Many many years ago, two people met at IIM Bangalore - he from the North, she from the South of India.  Both from IITs, he from IIT Bombay and she from IIT Delhi. And then, they married.. another "2 states" love story... Alok and Aina's story*.  A story created with many other IIMB 93 co- conspirators and actors supporting the plot- Hyma, Puneet Gupta, Jyoti- Rupal, Viraj-Neetu, CP Madhu, Rakesh Pandya ( Rocky), Shailu, to name a few...  A story now renamed " Many states", with the creative insight of " Jayaram Krishnan- JK" , who, rather cleverly pointed out, that many states were involved in the making of it, not just two.

They moved around states, cities and countries.. Bombay, Delhi, Glasgow, London.. but always, their first love remained Bangalore. And it is here that they returned with their two girls, Giri and Taru, considering themselves so lucky, to be living close to their closest friends from IIM Bangalore, in the heart of Bangalore, yet in the midst of two villages, Challagatta and Nagasandra, rustic and green surrounds ...

And then, some years later, their daughter Girija, did the city proud.. by topping the state Medical, Veterinary, Agricultural and Homeo exams. A determined girl, a runner, bharatanatyam dancer,budding artist, inspired by many, but very much a product of this city.

Alok and Aina consider themselves fortunate to be back here. For Bangalore it is they love. The ever-blossoming flowers, calm lakes and salubrious climate of Bangalore, unbeatable by far. And the city, their first love, inspired Alok to turn marathoner** and Aina to turn writer- even while she works as a techie in the Indian Silicon valley , she writes a blog, as the character "the amblingindian" - the female aam aadmi, ambling around Bangalore, India and the world, keenly observing, loving everything around her, everything that is so special about this place. And writing about it, in her own quirky, funny way. "A shower of flowers" about Tippasandra, "Bangalore monsoons and Bollywood", a flavourful mix of words and videos..  A book, now ready for publishing, the story of India, as written by the amblingindian, and the story of  Bangalore, coming up next...

Bangalore it is, and Bangalore it will be always.. the best..

Sketch by the amblingindians.

Regards, Aina Rao The amblingindian. Twitter @amblingindian.

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