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Vastu- Science or humbug???

Vastu- Science or humbug?

A recent attempt to rent out a friend's house taught me more about vastu than I cared to know.

This is how it went- a young man, all of 30 came to inspect the house. He then went- it's not ok by vastu principles. Curiously, i asked why. He explained that the kitchen was not in the right place. This went further.

He went on to explain how, in a previous house he had rented , the vastu had been perfect, and hence, his luck had changed for the better. And then, when asked, would that be the same for everyone who lived in that house, he very confidently replied "yes". Apparently another friend had rented that house too and had good luck there. So, two people had good luck and hence that proves the theory that the house is lucky, and good Vastu is scientifically proven to bring good luck.

The guy also believed in Karma. So, i asked "what about Karma?" Does vastu overrule bad karma ? He said no, but still insisted that good vastu = good luck.

By this logic, everyone living in the West or outside India should have bad luck- since they don't follow Vastu in any of their buildings. The same guy who insisted on Vastu here- what would be his stance if trying to find a place in London, or the US? Make do, or just sleep under the stars?

Is vastu scientific? I do believe so- but perhaps it has more to do with the placement of various rooms, considering the amount of sunshine the rooms need. A kitchen would need more sun to keep dry perhaps, and hence would face East /West or South, to get the maximum sunshine. And so on. But again, if you lived in a hot vs a cold climate, the optimal vastu might get reversed.

There are other theories too- in the olden days, there was no artificial light, so it was of prime importance that the best use of sunlight was made. Since there was no underground sewerage, it was best that all houses had similar alignment of bathrooms, kitchens and so on. Makes a lot of sense.

But, to take that blindly, and apply that to today, and then add- that good vastu- brings good luck ; isn't that a bit too much?

Even some youngsters for that matter, seem to be so brainwashed that anything ancient is considered good. Without it needing to evolve and adapt to the changing world . What next ? Cow urine and cow poo for good health- all based on some ancient wisdom? Who knows what the next best thing will be ?

Regards, Aina Rao, the ambling indian.

Enjoy and discover India through her quirky writings.

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