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A dream ride, really...

Its not very often that i take an OLA. Not out of choice, but, just that the UBER's have been reaching first. And so, it came as a great surprise, and a welcome one at that, when i booked and actually got an OLA cab first today. Of course, with the usual worry of being subjected to Bangalore traffic, cows and horns, i was bracing for a RIDE...

But , to my utter surprise, and joy too, the OLA guy landed up,bang on time. The next thing, i was greeted by name " Welcome to Ola Cabs". The icing on the cake, is that an IPAD was ready, to choose and play lovely music . Easy peasy, scroll up and down, through the numerous options offered ( Hindi, English, Kannada , etc.,etc ), lots to choose.

After a long time, i actually relaxed ( the mind is usually full of things to do ), but, this time, just giving in to melodies -Ore manwa tu kyu bawara hai from Wake up Sid,, Rang de basanti and many more, stilled time itself. The ride itself, pretty peaceful, went through the Belandur lake surrounds, with Kerala style cottages camouflaged by the abundant greens around.

Of course, the cows cannot be far behind, can they ? Inevitably, they had caused a cow jam somewhere along the way, munching garbage on the narrow lanes, and needing a few good prods to make way for the cars- but, all in all, a fun experience through lush landscapes near the old airport . Perhaps saw what are the last vestiges of a green city centre, and reached way ahead of time. Sigh.. What joy, what a dream ride..

Thank you Ola Cabs for making my day.. if only every ride was like this!

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