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Shahrukh khan- what next?

A million dollar question. Who, if anyone, is  the next in line after SRK, the King of Bollywood? With no one hero able to come anywhere close to his spectacular success, and the slow uptake of many a  Bollywood hopefuls, who have tried hard and certainly failed to fill the shoes of Big Bacchan and SRK, is it now time for the next one? After a long dark tunnel, a glimmer of hope comes - Randeep Hooda may be the one. 

Having watched two of his recent releases, RangRasiya and Highway, I see a glimpse of the early SRK days. A willingness to do villainish roles, a penchant for passionate moves, and a hero all in one. The first movie, Rangrasiya , a gripping tale of Raja Ravi Verma's life story, brought beautifully to life by Randeep, with some larger than life acting, was indeed a feast. A thrill to watch- it had me mesmerised. And then, in an early SRK style (which the amblingindian also aspires to, with her topics taking quirky twists all the time) a completely different take - Highway, a well portrayed character of the Jat boy , which he is anyway. Proving himself more endearing than the ordinary villain. Notwithstanding the fact that the Highway plot left me yawning and even distressed, so much so that the movie was abandoned. Even so,  the acting was amazing. Looks like this guy might have what it takes, I must say. After the huge lacuna left by SRK and Aamir , both in acting histronics and lover boy images, this fella is coming close. Who else?  To replace the quartet of Aamir in acting , SRK in glamour and loverboy roles, Manoj Bajpai in villainish ones and Salman in stunts, the top slot  will sure be a tough one to fill. Even then, maybe, he may just get there.   The similarities are striking- a Delhi boy with a theatrical but no no filmy background or connections, owns a polo team named Royal Rooster, wants to promote equestrian sports in the country a la SRK who promoted women's hockey- albeit breifly, a smart and witty fellow to boot ( a recent interview needs to be seen) and all of that. Will he make it to the Top- the King Khan slot next ? Maybe he will .. Maybe he wont. But if he does get there.. don''t forget the amblingindian prophesied it first..

Regards Aina Rao the amblingindian

SRK- who's next in line?

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