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A happy mother's day

It didn’t feel like mother’s day to start with. And what is mother’s day supposed to feel like? Perhaps, you are to wake up, to a room filled with flowers, and perhaps a tree filled with trinkets, baubles and gifts, somewhat like Xmas. Or is it? It was pretty different then, going by such a yardstick. A morning walk (yeah…) followed by some cleaning, laying the breakfast of waffles and syrup. Followed by a strong, smooth , mint and orange flavoured ice tea. Self – made of course!

But that wasn’t all. Was there more to come? The sweetest hug, and a cute little pouch , made by the little one, in honour of mom. For mother’s day. A cute cartoon card.. that said ..

It’s mothers day: Raise a toast , yeah – With a picture of a toaster Not that kind of toast – with a sketch of the bubbly … How on earth does she come up with such cuteness?

Then a phone call to the older one Girija Agarwal… who is all excited about her new hostel room- with a fantastic sea view. Yes, a lovely mother’s day indeed. What better joy than to see her so happy with her single room, the one she has been waiting for, for ages. Can’t wait now, to see the room at Pondicherry and feel the sea breeze, the way she describes it. Wafting through the windows through the day and night. Lovely thought indeed..

By Midday, it is time for a nice snooze, it is a Sunday after all. ( Do they deliberately do mum’s day on a Sunday – maybe it is downright obvious- but it certainly is the best day).

Followed by a small outdoor shopping trip with the little one. More fun, even though its only grocery shopping. Its just nice to have her in tow, sampling the dips and jams laid out at the shop. Life is so much nicer when you have a little companion-someone you love and who loves you, by your side.

And back to home by night. Unexpectedly, one eye starts to pain. Don’t know why. Maybe the high beams of the cars driving past. But then, the thought from the kid—“Mum , keep your eyes closed- keep the room dark. Are your eyes closed?” as we lie in bed, telling stories to each other, me recounting the times when she was a baby- blowing bubbles at the doctor, sleeping as we drove through roundabouts, and of the older one, sleeping as soon as she got into the stroller, and many more . But over and above everything, the thought, her care, her concern and her check every two minutes “ Are your eyes still closed?” Just that little display of love that feels like a shower of blessings- makes being a mom, and makes life - so much more worth the while.

Come to think of it.. why are we born on this earth, and why are we living? Perhaps it is for us just to nurture the next generation, just for existence to go on. Certainly, after not so long a time, when we pass from this earth, and move on, it is the next generation that will inherit this earth from us, and pass it on to the next. Maybe that’s all there is to life . The very reason for the maternal instinct-that makes us cherish- protect- adore the little ones, mother’s love, mamta, whatever you name it…

Happy mother’s day. May we nurture and care for the next generation well, and leave on a legacy for them to inherit and pass on too... May the humans and all other species thrive , survive and carry forward the earth and existence, as we know it today…

Regards, Aina Rao. The Amblingindian. For more quirky reads, visit

With Taru and Girija Agarwal

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