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A Tail of adoption

This is quite a tail really. A long long time ago, we were adopted by a pet. Meaning me and my family. And yes, we didnt adopt a pet,  a dog at that, but rather, the dog adopted us. And how could that be?

It so happened that this dog, who happened to be from Ladakh, a very cold and mountainous place in the North West of India, belonged to my neighbour, Mr. Paul. Mr Paul lived in a huge house with a large garden, and a large terrace that overlooked my garden too. So, our friendly neighbour's dog, who went by the name of Thois, had an unfettered view of almost everything that went around in my house. Especially what time I went for a walk, or got up, or brushed, etc.etc. And, smart fellow that he was, he was ever ready to make use of the information. So, on some cold winter mornings, i would get up to find myself being cuddled by a huge furry ball, in my own bed, that went by the name of Thois.

Finding himself quite cold on the bitter wintery day, he had found that my bed was the

cosiest, especially since I was sleeping in it, and made himself home. And greeted my shrieks of shock with wide-eyed puzzlement, as if to say" What's all the fuss about?"On some other days, when I went for a walk, Thois just came. He came everywhere, to the temple, to the market, to the garden, he just followed.  It seems that he had made up his mind to love and adopt us, as his family. And to use his vantage point on top of Mr Paul's terrace to watch our movements, and make sure he joined in at the right time. 

Its a pity Thois didnt live long. One terrible day, he was run over by a truck. Maybe the fact that he came from the mountains- he knew how to survive in the hardest of terrains, but a stray vehicle he could not handle. And that did it for him.  And, we were orphaned again, in a doggy way. Whatever it was, Thois taught us something really valuable- that you don't  need much to ask for someone to love you, you can love them anyway. And adopt them if you like.


Aina Rao.

The amblingindian.

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