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Abode of the mountains

Galli me chora nagar me dhindhora,😀

Some of you may know what it means. Very simply, when something is in your backyard, why are you shouting across the whole town looking for it?

To me,even more simply - it means #naturally #nepal. a place just next to india, that I had never thought of visiting. Until now.

And, having visited, I can't believe how nice it is. So much like india, yet different. Indian currency is accepted here too ( well almost everywhere with some exceptions for the rs 2000 note that people don't want to trust). People are nice and simply put, it's a very nice place to visit. A lot like Bali too, just that Bali has the beautiful sea and nepal it's magnificent mountains..

Europe, America's and the far east - they do get mundane at times, so why not nepal? Quite a unique flavour to try.

Will write more about it next time...

Regards Aina rao; the amblingindian - quirky reads on india!

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