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Atal- a rare politician

Atal- he was to boot! A rare politician with strong sensibilities and a strong sense of humor. In contrast to the boring propaganda machines that the politicians invariably come across as, his speeches were a delight, with his oratory and poetic prowess proven at its best always.

He also had the rare distinction of being the only PM to have shaken hands with the amblingindian ( ahem!). Rare honour indeed.

It was a cold wintery night in Delhi, when the amblingindian, drawn into the inevitable vortex of dharnas and student politics that Delhi brings, went to his place along with a group of protestors. Its a different matter that the cause of the protest has been long forgotten, but, what still strikes is that he was the only high- up guy willing to meet and talk. Very innocently asking " What brings this ladies gang here to protest?" And that really stuck in my memory.

The simplicity of the person and the sense of humor that stuck by him, at all times.

Indeed- admired as he was by both the left wing and the right wing , he would have flown straight to heaven . Rest in peace, stoic and atal as ever, Atal bihari Vajpayee ji...


Aina Rao, the amblingindian. - Quirky reads on India

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