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Helping in corona times...

Updated: May 14, 2020

In this time of strict lockdown, how can we go out of the way to help others? We may not be front line workers, but we can certainly support them . Which is what many have been doing. Hats off to all the second and third line force , which has gone out of the way to deliver meals, essentials, money and more...

As an office worker, there is one more way to help.. apart from staying at home, connecting with people who are perhaps alone, and offering to talk, i find that this is a good time to talk to young people who are looking for career guidance.

In the last few weeks, a few youngsters have turned to me for career advice. They are even more confused, since there is a new normal that they never saw before . What should be a good career path; should they continue with the current career choice- or look for something else?

I have been trying to connect these youngsters with experienced people, so that they can

a. get a good idea of the realities of the career they are choosing.

b. understand how it will work in the new normal.

Thankfully, multiple people have responded to my appeals to connect youngsters and experienced people. To make it easier, please join the below link, where, , we will invite people to join and offer career tips in their area of expertise. Please note that this is not a job search portal... Sessions will be offered depending on the interest by people.

The content will include

- What a typical career in this area will look like

- Tracks in the chosen path

- Pros and cons

- Ways to get there

( Careers in Corona times....)

Saturdays, 5.30 pm UK time, 1 pm time India.

Session details to be announced on ..


Aina Rao

The amblingindian- Quirky reads

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