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About me :An alumnus of the Oxbridges of the East (IIT Delhi and IIM Bangalore)

Updated: May 13, 2019

Aina Rao , the amblingindian

All about this blog: "As I amble along Indian lanes,bylanes, gallis and mohallas, there is so much that excites, intrigues , tickles and even irritates. Is there anything to be done about all this? Absolutely not... just revel in the confusion, enjoy the chaos that is India. Nonetheless, a germ of an idea starts to grow from somewhere, and there is a rush to put it down on paper..maybe i will just add a small tweak here , a little quirk there, all practical ideas for India.. and this blog is born" ... Enjoy!

Statutory Warning

Reading this blog may make you cry or laugh! All views are purely personal, bear no affiliation to any public body or private organisation other than aina herself ! All names of people, products or otherwise are fictitious, concocted from thin air, and any resemblance to reality is purely coincidental !

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