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India shining, once again?

The masses have spoken. And cast their unilateral vote. This time for the Lotus, the symbol of beauty in a sea of mud. A sphinx has risen. And so, there's hope once again for the nation. From choosing between a motley mix of partisan politicians, to the one unanimous Narendra Modi, the leader of the BJP, the Indian electorate has come a long way.Perhaps, matured even... Realising perhaps, that , in unity is strength, and in past performance, hope for the future. What else did Modi and the BJP have, in its favour? To get such a resounding victory, 279 seats in all, all at the cost of many incumbents, long standing veterans in their own illakas*, their territories? To beat the opposition so badly that they are limping to form an opposition even? From the ruling party alliance to an alliance for the opposition party, the mango peoples(aam aadmis)** and the nation have come a long way indeed..

At least, this time round, I hope the routing has come home. With a strong message. No more political cries from baby and baba for milk or votes. No more emotional blackmail in the names of the heroes of the past.The blame game starts and gets sillier.  Who is to be blamed for the rout of the incumbents ? Not the incumbents themselves, but the winner- Narendra Modi ( Namo ) of course. How could people lose if Namo hadn't won? So blame it all on Namo. Even the the seemingly invincible leader in U.P of the BSP, playing the caste card, has fallen flat. With all of her elephant decorations failing to swing the pendulum even by an inch. So much so, that she did not even open her account this time. Zero seats to her credit! Wow! What an achievement! The elephant, her symbol, laid an egg this time. This must be the first time in history that an elephant laid an egg.. A simple and stronger message from the masses to the ruling classes- so proudly proclaimed by the aam aadmi this time- " Don't ever bank on caste or oratory politics. Simply Perform or Perish. "

One thing though, the BJP and Namo has a lot of catching up to do on. The incumbents, to their credit, had raised the HQ of the country manifold. HQ- humour quotient that is. A flurry of jokes doing the rounds everyday on the trio of mother, son and turbaned slave+ is to be sorely missed. And a lot of catching up to do anyway, on governance, roads, laws, bridges, you name it.. Everything that's been on hold or simply pushed back from the development agenda, to further the self agenda..  there's certainly a lot to catch up on. A nation watches, with bated breath, as does the world. Will the Namo magic work once again, this time for India, and not just for Gujarat? Will he stay clear of the divisive, right- wing agenda of many allies this time round, and just do what's right for the nation? Will India shine, once again?


Aina Rao The Amblingindian.

BJP- Bhartiya Janata Party, the right wing party , who had a landslide win of 279 seats in the recently concluded Indian Election BSP- Bahujan Samaj Party , a party in Uttar Pradesh, the largest state in Gujrat. *illaka - a territory ** mango peoples- Common people, a term coined by some privileged politicians to describe the aam aadmi, or the common man. +Mother, son and slave- Congress leaders( mother and son combination) and the Prime Minister.

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