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Mandates of Karnataka government

The Karnataka govt is top class with mandates. Some of their more interesting mandates, that i got to know of- when building a house, are as follows ( in descending order of stupidity) :

Mandate no 1. Every house should have a solar water heater. If you don't have one, planning permission is not granted. Now, every time you take a bath- you need to throw away two buckets of cold water before the hot water flows. Save electricity and waste water !

Mandate no 2. Every society should have its own Sewage treatment plant. That is, after paying the BWSSB its sewage charges. Never mind, the massive bungalows in Kormangala, Sadashiv Nagar,etc. where the ministers live. Apparently the people living in gated societies excrete more, and hence need their own Sewage treatment plants!

Mandate no 3. Every house should have its own Rainwater harvesting. This might actually be sensible, if it wasn''t for the fact that the Govt keeps selling 'natural rainwater harvesting areas-lakes and lake beds to builders to fill up and build more concrete jungles on !

Great mandates galore. Let's see, who gets the public mandate now, on the election day - the 12th of May?

Aina Rao For more quirky reads on India. Celebrate, discover and enjoy India with the ambling indian- a new aam aurat of India!

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