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Men will be boys...

Another one of those atrocious, absurd and insensitive gaffs, this time by the leader of the largest state in India. Pray what does Mr Soft Singh have to dispell, by way of HIS nuggets of wisdom, towards rape and rapists, and the treatment they deserve? Well, Mr Soft singh seems to think that we need to be really soft towards the perpetrators (note, not the victims) of the crime. It seems that "Men will be boys " and  " Rapes will be rapes" and therefore, by some absurd association, " Boys will rape", and therefore "their mistakes" should be pardoned.

Mr Soft Singh, if you are not soft in the head, I would love to know what you think about this: Let's make some more mistakes here - Lets castrate a few of these rapists and maybe even the loud- mouthed leaders, entirely in error, and then pardon the castrators too. Too bad if the rapists have just lost an organ..  after all, mistakes do happen, and, going by your yardstick, since the abject state of the rape victim is of no consequence anyway, this too should be pardoned, or let off with a light slap on the cheek. right?

With people like these at the helm of affairs, now hoping to get a chunk of the vote, and eventually change laws too, just to suit their antiquated thinking ( With the pace at which their thinking moves, Mr soft Singh and his cronies should have been fossilised by now). I am shuddering and shivering at the prospect of being subject to more of these gaffs.. All peoples, please help to tape up some mouths, and use your ballot wisely this time round...

An indignant amblingindian.

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