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Rest in peace, Rishi Kapoor

Updated: 5 days ago

Rest in peace - RK!

This morning, I could not believe the news. Rishi Kapoor, Heartthrob of many, is no more… If the passing of Irfan Khan wasn't bad enough, another Bollywood doyen laid to rest so soon

Rishi Kapoor- RK: the name evokes poignant memories. He was the heartthrob of many (including the amblingindian). He was the plump, chubby cheeked, fair hero — who honestly couldn’t act much, but won hearts nonetheless. Sadly, he didn't last very long as the heartthrob. His drinking habits, gaining weight, and generally losing it, made him lose ground quickly, to other heroes. Notable, being the new S in town..RK. SRK of course, charming, romantic, lean and fit, need I say more.

The only difference, SRK stayed on as a smart businessman, and went on to become one of the richest men in the acting world. His wit and business acumen quicky overtook his acting. And so, he continues to stay, as the current reigning heartthrob of many, including the amblingindian. SRK, you also have the unique distinction of having the “AmblingIndian Diaries” personally gifted to you by the author (Ahemmm..), good going to you !!

Sad to say, RK, you will be missed as the erstwhile heartthrob of many !!

Aina Rao

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