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Shame on you Shoma

The Tarun Saga is nearing its logical conclusion. Tarun goes behind bars ? Waiting and watching with bated breaths to see what happens next. But, in all this drama, what of Shoma? Is her resignation good enough ?

Should she not be behind bars as well, to have circumvented the law , with her clever ploys to ignore and slander the complainant ? If not anything else, Shoma , you are a disgrace to womankind and humankind. Not just a  rude and downright uncivil member of society. Do you realise, you have done an immense injustice to the woman in question, and also to the cause of humans at large. A woman feels safe when she can talk to another one, especially about matters so private, so personal, so humiliating. And what does she expect in return?

Empathy, at least.  Being a woman yourself , the least you could have done was to recognise her complaint and act on it. Not take sides, just institute an enquiry, as the law demanded, and as common concern would have . But no, you chose the circuitous route , to dodge the law, for what joy, pray?

Please , fellow peoples , the next time another one of our tribe follows the "Shoma Law" please do not spare them. Do not let them get away with just resignation or recluse as some even more clever people call it. Ostracise them , boo them , bully them and send them behind bars. For that's where they belong.. For the cause of womankind.. for the cause of mankind.. Lets do it now.

Regards , The enraged amblingindians .

Shoma Law  - the new law perpetrated by Shoma, the MD of Tehelka, who chose to ignore the staffer's complaint of sexual harassment, blatantly violating the law that demands an inquiry. Instead she chose to ask questions in public that insinuated the staffer, and led to her resignation. Thankfully, Shoma has now resigned too.  The views expressed in this post are purely those of all enraged people out there, and not anyone's personal views. Pic Credit : Indian Express

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