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Storm in Rishi's teacup !

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

Indians of the world rejoice! The British tabloids have been full of news from the Indian super couple Rishi Sunak and Akshata Murty. And all for the right or wrong reasons, depending on which side you look from. Firstly for his resignation as chancellor, falling out with Bojo . If that wasn't juicy enough, his wife was called out as being richer than the Queen of England , and then his father-in-law, the modest Mr Narayan Murthy being called the father-in -law of the United Kingdom, and much more ..

To top it all, the hawkish paparazzi brewed another controversy just over an evening tea. It all started when when reporters landed outside his house and were waiting in the garden, so to speak. Knowing the Brit penchant for tea, out came Akshata Murthy, with a tray, carrying some cups of simple tea and some fancy cookies. ( Well, we also call them biscuits, but to be posh .. let them be cookies instead). One would have thought that having a cuppa served by a billionairess would be fancy enough, but the reporters, instead took at fancy to the fancy teacups instead. Teacups costing 38 £ each became the focus of attention instead..and went round the world promptly , with the twitteratn latching on . What a pi- tea- ful happening!!!

Painfully and sadly though, completely ignored by the media, and everyone else , was the gracious gesture by Akshata Murthy. The lady, even though a billionaire, offering something - in the true spirit of Indianness , upholding the beautiful Indian values of "Atithi Devo Bhava ", or " A guest is God".

Whatever the twitterati and paparazzi may rant about ,it makes the amblingindian so happy to see the reach of great Indian values. Am feeling proud of Akshata for this gracious gesture ! Way to go, girl ! #Rishisunak


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