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This week in India... July 25th ,2018

Merrill lynch is having a merry day with so many new lynchers available on request. They seem to be coming out of the Woodworks. On my part, I am steering clear of any animal that even remotely resembles a cow or calf. Who knows, if not lynched for looking at the animal by a mob,you might get a nice whacking or smattering from its hindquarters. So stay clear, is the clear motto.

On the other hand it has become a bit tight on the roads, for, the very paths that cows would merrily munch garbage on, have been dug up, to 3 ft wide trenches. On both sides, that is. And a sign placed stating "bbmp work in progress,please co operate". How? By not falling in to them , head first, presumably. Or by not jamming myself, with the cows, on the same miniscule stretch that is left of the road! Never a doubt in my mind,don't worry. Cows first PLEASE, always, is the motto.

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