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Thursday, 17 April 2014 My Vote goes to...

The D- day has finally dawned.

And a flurry of activity is to be seen. Not from all the loudspeakers, blaring music, pandals and processions which have finally taken a rest today, as it is the day, but from everyone else around. A lot of excitement and perhaps, not so much suspense, fills the air. People are getting ready for the "big moment" when their thumb will be inked and their opinion will be heard. Friends and family throng to the marketplace, where small tables have been set up by volunteers and party workers, welcoming people, checking their names, and finally giving the thumbs up signal to " GO". Go , cast your vote now.. Make your voice count,, for what counts better in the election of the biggest democracy in the world? Almost a billion people out there, ready to call the shots today. For today is the day, the day when "we" count..

I drive through Indiranagar and Tippasandra, both hubs of election activity, abuzz with excitement. Somewhere in between the veggie and flower carts decked in a riot of colours, displaying pristine white jasmines, juicy apples, oranges and mangoes, stands a small white table, with the ballot list, the list that finally matters. People flock around it, like bees to a beehive. There is certainly method in this madness, or how could India, each time, manage this  stupendous feat , flawlessly running a mammoth election, time and time again, and be the envy of many countries across the world.

Trees smile benevolently, showering the voters and politicians alike with their bountiful blessings of fragrant Jacarandas, lavender blossoms and orange Gulmohars. The whole place is decked with festivity. Coming in the middle of the festive week, with the colourful, flower decked chariots of Ramanavami taking centre stage last week, the rice, flowers and coconut celebrations of the Kerala New year yesterday, and Good Friday coming up tomorrow, it certainly feels like a moment of celebration for the country, for the people -the elections today. And, regardless of who wins this one, it is another day of glory- the day that governance, promises and performance are finally measured with one stroke of the ballot, the day of reckoning for many.

A lady and her little daughter, sit and play together, in their flower shop, relishing their moments of togetherness, impervious to the activity around, to the strong winds that blow today, the winds of change maybe. It is a welcome holiday for them and for many others.. a day of rest. It also feels like a day of hope for them.. and for the aam aadmi*, who simply hopes for good governance this time round.

The world's largest democracy I hope too.. of an India, led not just by politicians, leaders or netas, but by visionaries.. of people who love her, care for her... this time, my vote is neither for a leader, nor for a party, or an alliance, but for the cause of all... my vote is for the aam aadmi*, for the real India..

Regards The amblingindian.

(*aam aadmi = common man. Also read 2013- Year of Aam Aadmi in this blog)

P.s Today, I did not just vote-- instead, I wrote.

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