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"Topsy-Turvy" January in India

Updated: May 9

This week in India

Maldives vs Lakshwadeep - The War Starts Off!

While the world wages various wars, more of the physical kind, a metaphysical war has been hotting up in India. A Cold War of sorts, with the Ministers of Maldives having the audacity to ask India to get out (India’s military presence in Maldives is a meagre 75 personnel. Yes 75, not 7500!) but that seems to be enough for some local politicians to use as an election platform to get elected. And having been elected, they now have to use this vendetta to vindicate their voting promises. With the net results being catastrophic, never mind the repercussions. 

India and Indians are obviously being cheesed off with the offensive stand taken. When India has been their closest ally, friend and help in all times of need, what could justify such a topsy-turvy stance?

Well well, every cloud has a silver lining. And India, not to lose the opportunity, has taken up to develop Lakshadweep -- a string of equally beautiful Islands in the Indian Ocean, to rival Maldives as a tourist destination. Who knows where this will go? 

As of today, celebrities, politicians and netizens are all gunning for Lakshadweep.

So is it a 1-0 for India vs Maldives? Only time will tell.

On the topic of wars though, I am getting jaded and tired to hear about all the wars waged by people and countries against each other. When will people and more importantly, politicians learn the lessons from all the futile hostilities, and learn to live in peace, in harmony, and by integrating? 

Recently though, a cute example of not just national , but international integration has gone viral. A simple Bollywood song from the movie "Dunki " with cute hook steps has taken the world by storm, it seems. My favourite Kili Paul and his sisters from Africa joined the bandwagon with their own cute version of "Lutt Putt gaya" which means "I went topsy turvy in love". Even while the original, sung by Arijit Singh and enacted by Shah Rukh Khan, Tapsee Pannu and others, shows the power of national integration. Can't help but notice that it is people of different faiths-- Muslim, Hindu, Sikh and more, who lent their voices, lyrics and steps to make this such a hit, and even more enjoyable is the remix by Kili Paul and his sisters, all the way from Africa. Just goes on to show that humans can have so much fun when they live and jive together!

My prayers for peace across the world, to all peoples and all faiths. Please stop fighting in the name of religion, community or country. Just stop! Lets have more fun, not guns !

Watch the video by Kili Paul and his sisters from Africa jiving to Bollywood- need I say more?

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