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Traintracks in a pickle

Wonder why railway lines exist, if only to be used sparingly? As they say in hindi "aachar daalna hai kya"? " are they to be made a pickle out of, never to be used"? The case in point is the Carmelaram to Yeshwantpur, or rather, Hosur to Yeshwantpur track. A wonderful route , which could save time, traffic , pollution and so much more for so many commuters that it belies beleif. It cuts across the city from the South East to the North West. It has a journey time of less than 40 mins, which would otherwise take multiple cars about 2 hours each.

But then, belying belief, the track is used by a Demu ( or a local train), only twice in the day. Once in the morning and once at night. Wow-- having such a wonderful route, lying barely used . If you had to reach Yeshwantpur from the southside, a train every 30 minutes on this route would be such a blessing. Cutting the traffic and the chaos by far. But, no such luck - you ask the MLA and he blames the State Govt. Ask the State Govt and they blame the Central Govt -since the railways belong to them. Ask the Central govt and they might ask you to go jump or go to Japan, to ride their bullet trains. But we will stay this way. Sad isn't it.

Such is the sad state of Karnataka anyway. Everything, to become functional, has to have a morcha or a dharna staged. Maybe the new CM @HDKumaraswamy will take note this time. Hope springs eternal... @Karnataka JDS

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