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Uber- driver of the year!

The journey home today was a pleasant surprise, a shock almost. When another cabbie cancelled ( the usual excuse being that he was too far away, it would mean a u-turn etc.etc), Manjunath promptly took the booking, answered our calls, and explained that he was taking a long u-turn just to reach us- since we were finding it hard to locate him otherwise.

Since there is no drama of haggling or otherwise ( as with the autofellas), an uber journey is usually quite mundane. Boring even, but boring is good ! Who wants an exciting Uber journey where cows kick, people fall into trenches, and so on ( the imagination running wild)?

But this Uber journey, was really unusual. Unusually nice that is. Manjunath stopped, promptly opened the door for mum, waited until she was seated, then swiftly loaded the luggage in the boot, adjusted the passenger seat, strapped on his seatbelt, and got the AC and the music going. And the car glided off, almost like magic. All this, in a fraction of a second- what sleight of hand and mind!

And some more interesting snippets. He was in fact a civil engineer, just like me and mum, but had moved into Uber, as the pay and the work were much better here. No complaints, he was very happy about it too,which was a joy to know…

What a rarity! A civil engineer, a cab owner, a businessman and a gentleman to boot… For all this and more, he gets a 6 Star rating and a nomination for Uber driver of the year from the ambingindian! ( for whatever it is worth).

Uber folks -are you listening ?

Uber folks - R u Listening?

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