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Year of aam aadmi^

The aam aadmi arrives …

2013- Will be known as the year that the aam aadmi arrived. And in what style! From a protest, to support a fasting Anna Hazare* against corruption, to a party that has stolen the show, with capture of 29 seats, and forming the Government, and that too in the capital of Delhi**. Not a mean feat by any standards. The longstanding incumbents relegated to the backbenches, and becoming the butt of jokes, and that too by upstarts. And what a journey! From being called names - "Mango men", to stealing thunderstage! From being anonymous, to victorious!

The broom wields power

Who would have thought that the educated electorate could actually swing something so stupendous? The common man, depicted so simply by R K Laxman, the innocent bystander, who could only watch by the sidelines, is now flexing his muscles and calling the shots. From mere protests, to real power. The year 2013 will certainly be seen as a watershed in Indian politics, with the emergence of what me thinks is a real alternative. For people who had no choice but to vote for one criminal over the other, what a refreshing wave. To be actually able to offer an alternative that’s clean, and not surprisingly, having chosen the ubiquitous “Jhadu” or “broom”, to clean up the place, coming up with the real goods. It remains to be seen though, whether the aam aadmi party can actually carry this through, without letting success go to their heads.

As for me, I am over the moon with joy! The year 2013 is when the Amblingindian was also born, close on the heels of the aam aadmi. An idea, that came to mind, from watching helplessly, to doing something. She started with writing about stuff, pouring out her heart. The amblingindian - the alter ego of the aam aadmi, helpless as she was, watching by the sidelines so far. But hopefully, no longer! She is now the empowered one, ready to take on the new India... Ready to support what’s right, clean and just. With not a jhadu, but a pen in tow! Power to the Aam aadmi, to the amblingindian…


Aina Rao

(The amblingindian also arrives with 10,000 page views today - thank you to all readers!)

^Aam Aadmi - the common man or woman

*Anna Hazare - the leader who led a hunger fast against corruption in India, supported by millions of Indians who are fed up with the rot in the system.

**Refers to the recent success of the AAm AADmi party in the Delhi elections, where they debuted with a large no of seats, at the cost of the ruling party - the Congress.

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