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Ambani- International Women's day !


What do the Ambanis have to do with International women's day , you may ask. Well, certainly they did not show that they were celebrating it. But come of to think of it again, did they not ? Well, well, they certainly showed the world the biggest Pre-wedding celebration , which was of their son Anant Ambani to Radhika Merchant. And not just showed, but dazzled.. (Whoa - pre-wedding : what's that t again-but lets leave that aside for a moment and concentrate on the Ambanis )

Even if you were never a social media magnet, you couldn't help being fed thousands of pictures and videos of how the whos who of the business and glamour world ( Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, etc..etc ) were at the Ambani bash.. and how the women were dressed up in the most expensive, glamourous jewels and clothes there could be. Move aside Milan, Yves Saint Laurent, Armani and all others ( maybe not Versace as Versace did get a share of the pie with the design of the pre wedding dress for Radhika). This was pomp and show at its best, and when i say best, i mean it was an irrestible cocktail of pomp, glamour blended with art and culture. For Nita Ambani, the show stopper, is known to be something of a tradinista - fashionista.. So when she does the ramp walk- its not just a ramp walk, it is in a unique dance style , an ode to Divinity. With her cultural roots being well entrenched in the classical dance forms of Bharatanatyam, she used dance to express prayer and celebrate in a beautiful, artistic manner, a form of self actualisation.

Hats off Nita Ambaniji , for keeping Indian culture and tradition alive, and for making it blossom , grow and show , to the whole world that was watching, enthralled.

Having said all that, whats it to do with International Women's Day , anyway? Women over the world were captivated by the allure of rubies, gems and stones and the inimitable display of wealth - but its not just that , is it ?

If you look closely at the two headlines that came across

Akash Ambani ( son of Nita ambani) and his wife Shloka Mehta celebrate

and Isha Ambani ( daughter of Nita Ambani) and her husband Anand Piramal dance .. What do you note is common to both yet uncommon...

It was a trick question..Look closer at these pictures if you still dont get it...

Isha Ambani and Anand Piramal

Shloka Mehta and Akash Ambani

And the much awaited answer....

Both the Ambani daughter and daughter-in-law married into the richest families, yet retain their own family name ( or maiden name if you like the word)

Shloka Mehta is still Mehta and not ambani.

Isha Ambani is still Ambani and not Piramal.

Thus showing the world that common to both the Mehtas and Ambanis, though it may be uncommon to many others - it is not just ok, but perfectly ok, and correct to retain your identity, don't become someone else just by marrying someone.

Hats off to all the Ambani, Mehta ladies for Women's empowerment -on this International women's day !!


Aina Rao

The Amblingindian- Quirky reads on India by a new aam aurat

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