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Indian UPI- goes international!

Updated: Feb 20

#npci ( National payments Corp of India) has created a unique, innovative ecosystem across not just India, but also several countries. The backbone of the NPCI system- popularly known as the UPI ( unified payments interface) is what is fuelling transactions at a scale of billions, never seen before by merchants and credit card companies .

It seems that transacting with credit cards is so neanderthal-

  1. Find the payment link or POS

  2. Find the credit card or the gpay wallet ,

3.type in a 16 digit number,

4. expiry date ,

5. CVV ,

6. name ,

7. address ,

8. the amount,

9.and then get an OTP and then type in the OTP.

All this, even for a payment of 1$ to someone.

With UPI, The same eight step process is whittled down to three simple steps,

since i already have the UPI app installed in my phone. The UPI app is pre-connected to a digital wallet , which is preconnected to my bank.

What makes it very easy is that the merchant or the payee displays a UPI QR code which is already connected to their bank. If it is a personal payee, their number is already connected to their bank via the UPI app.

Now, i can follow the simple steps to pay :

1.. Scan the QR code or look up the telephone no from my address book

2. Enter the amount

3. Type in the Pin

Whoosh - payment done !! ( the backbone - the UPI interface has created all the connections from the QR code or the payee number to the bank already).

Checks and balances - the UPI has a daily limit, and you can set a limit on the wallet amount as well, so no one can transfer more in a day, or even millions or billions !

Amazing to know that Indian UPI has already reached Mauritius, France and many more countries.

Isnt it time all countries got the UPI going ?? Learn from #IndianInnovation at its best

Innovation by India #amblingindian Quirly reads on India by the amblingindian , a new common woman of india

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