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Learning in Corona times...

Here's what I learnt , in Corona times...

1. Happiness comes from within- heard it before, but could practice it only now.

2. Happiness comes from helping others. At this time, there are many more opportunities to help people, even it is done remotely.

3. There are lots of opportunities to learn online.

4. Broadband is more important than air, as of today.

5. Having good health, financial freedom, and family values are important- make sure you are working at it everyday.

6. Simple things in life are the best. I find loving and caring for animals gives tremendous joy. Looking at flowers and nature , praying, meditation or yoga are all helpful.

7. This is the best time to catch up with friends, and people you havn't spoken to in years....


Aina Rao, the amblingindian.

Quirky reads on India- and life.

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