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Return of the broomsticks!

"Return of the Jhadoo (Broom)".

The jhadoo has cast its magic, its "jadu". Its casting a magic spell of sorts, much like a witches broomstick. And is now making a comeback, as a style statement. As fads and fashions go, this one had met its pinnacle around two years ago, when chosen as the star symbol of purity, by none other than the Aam aadmi party ( AAP) itself.  

The broomstick, with the rise of the AAP, as its mascot, never touched before, had a stellar debut then, with such a fearful presence that eminent congress leaders had banned it from their homes, and resorted to the hiterto dust gathering vacuum cleaners. With strict instructions to the homehelps not to ever use the word or the broomstick.

But then, somewhat magically and somewhat tragically, it lost its sheen, and turned to collect dust, as its torchbearers the "AAP" were relegated to the sidelines too.

But, stoic that it was, it has made a huge comeback. Thus the "return of the jhadu", this sequel has caught on, like a house on fire.With the fashion conscious Modi and his unique sartorial style labelling it the much needed "fashion accessory" and the swashbuckling "Shashi Tharoor" taking on the cue, like a house on fire, it is back in the limelight. And why not? Since the eminent Mr Tharoor has already swept a lot of countrymen and countrywomen off their feet with his controversial tweets and inimitable style, it remains to be seen what else he can sweep away with a swish of the broom. The beaches of Thiruvanthupuram ? Yes, maybe, but equally hopefully, much of the muck that's built in the country, by way of bribery, corruption, fraud and you name it.

Thus comes power to the Jhadu. May it live long. Notwithstanding the sour-faced detractors, a la Mayawati*, who claimed that our leaders needed to graduate from the old-fashioned jhadu to new age machines now. Good thought, Madam Mayawati. Progress is all good. But, as far as the Jhadu goes, it shall remain for long, having firmly entrenched itself in the houses of all Indians, from Hyderabad  to Harrow and Haiti, and now in the seat of power too, detractors and defectors notwithstanding. And maybe straighten out some warped notions about men, modern machines, and Mr Modi's clean up drive. It is the "return of the Jhadu " indeed. Now, lets wait and watch, shall we?

Regards, Aina Rao, The amblingindian.

* Mayawati- erstwhile minister, now in the Opposition

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