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Salute the bell peppers

Everything you read or write about nowadays could suddenly become the subject of endless controversies, with authors being evicted from literary fests and the targets of unwanted FIRs, so i decided to stay clear of all this, at least for a while and write about something totally non- controversial , like the bell peppers, commonly known as the capsicums.

and why not ?fruits and veggies( F&Vs) have enough qualities and virtues to elaborate on and extoll, like their delectable tastes & riotous colours. Even then I find their  humility and stoicism to be the most noteworthy. Though the humble beans may have been the subject of gazillions of offensive remarks about their offensive, odorous capabilities ( by ungrateful creatures who fry them anyway, day after day ), have we ever seen a bean take offense to this ? Me thinks , the humble F&Vs seem to be the only subjects who don't  have activitists or loud supporters , and wont take matters in the wrong spirit, hence  are the only things one can write about , to be   pretty safe..

We humans , who will oneday end just like the beans, bell peppers and F&Vs , have a lot to learn from these creatures, so bereft of ego, so ready to serve., and therefore, here goes a humble salute..

Salute to bell peppers 

I once met some interesting  characters called the bell peppers. They looked so crunchy and sunny, brightening up the vendors' cart with their yellow and red hues, that i instantly fell in love with them. and asked the veggie vendor to give me four . I brought them home, washed and froze them, hoping that they were not too cold that night. Little did they know that they would be readied the next morning for the pan and wok treatment, to be fried , in a spicy, burning mishmash of gravy and  sauces , ending up in a curry, inching their way into the guts of many, and finally fading into oblivion, together with bacteria , fungi and others to further nourish mother earth. For such a sweet, short and meaningful existence, i salute the bell peppers.

Regards , Aina Rao copyright @Aina Rao 2013. All rights reserved.

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