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Some Sartorial sense prevails!

It is return of the poster boys this time. After a swashbuckling Shashi Tharoor stole the hearts of many an Indian damsels, the PM Mr Narendra Modi added another fan to his ever growing list of admirers. And the fan was none other than "Tommy Hilfiger", the king of style, who was so full of praise for Mr Modi's dress sense that he even turned somewhat unpatriotic claiming that Mr Modi was more fashionable than Barack Obamaji. To quote Tommy ji "Modi is quite fashionable while Obama dresses safe: Tommy Hilfiger"

Wah wah Mr Modi. To be praised for good governance, change, politics is one thing. But, to be respected for your sartorial sense is totally out of the box and out of this world, isnt it? And that too, by one of the iconic fashion makers himself. And so, sartorial sense is definitely centre stage this time. With Devendra Fadnavis, another young , fashionable un (young meaning on the right side of 40 and fashionable meaning he has done modelling stints) taking charge of the CM seat in Maharashtra, it looks like the staid ol' white kurta pajama and dhoti kurta of yore, donned by most politicians has reached end of life . Much like Shah Rukh Khan with his Gap sweatshirts and Nike pants that spelt the deathknell of the Jitendra style bellbottom pants and white shirts in Bollywood, looks like Devendra Fadnavis, the model turned CM, Narendra Modi and Shashi Tharoor are going to rewrite the future of Indian politics. At least the sartorial future that is. So we can look forward to some new colours and styles from our new age politicians, and hopefully new age thinking too. Ringing in the change now, its an Indian delight coming up! Regards, Aina Rao The amblingindian.

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