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What's in a tagline?

Thanks to Rajesh Pandey , a newly found friend, i have been connecting at supersonic speed to many new people. (Rajesh P is not to be confused with other Rajesh's on my friends list, Rajesh Kumar and Rajesh Prasad- who are good ol' IITD classmates and have been friends for a very long time ). Can't match his speed though- Rajesh's facebook and twitter connections work much faster than my brain, and typing for sure. So, even while connecting online, i am still struggling to digest all these new people that have suddenly popped into my life, people who were always there, somewhere in the background, hovering about noiselessly, but not disturbing my calm existence. Until now, that is..

And now that i have connected, it is a struggle not just to digest their names, but everything else they do. Someone is a lawyer, a tech geek, a music afficiniado, a poet, a photographer, and all that in one. And another one is a green energy specialist, and evangelist (whatever that means), a business owner and now, me thinks can add the title- a business exitor too( meaning that he has got a successful exit by way of palming the business off to someone else), and so on and so forth. Whoa! all that in one?  Not that there is a dearth of titles to use , but, somehow , shouldn't one shudder and shy way from having a serpentine tail attached, isnt having a serpentine name awful enough?..  CIA, , CISF, CFEE, PMEE, CISS, hiss, hiss..blah, blah..., or a writer, creator, an auditor, a fund manager, a techie( actually a risk/compliance professional- whatever that means), a singer, blah.. blah... blah.. blah.. Of course, one could ignore the more mundane ones, wife, mother etc,. those are not for public display ever, detracting as they do, from the desirability quotient( DQ)..  

But the one to like best, in the wake of all these long tailed titles, is the simple "Nobody" already taken by another friend Rakesh Godhwani, leader of the IIMB alumni association. Quite innovative and unusual. "Nobody"- says nothing, yet says a lot. Certainly says a lot about humility, about knowing who you are, and your place in this world, really a miniscule spec in the realms and aeons of cosmic creation.  And then, the classic dilemma- should one go by another " Nobody" and risk too many of those floating around, indistinguishable from each other. Or should one take recourse to the other three ' somebody", " anybody" or ' everybody", if there has to be a tagline, that is. 

Well then, as taglines go, i might just stick with mine " Aina - the Amblingindian".  "Aina", a mirror- a reflection of everything I am . And "Amblingindian"- a reflection of everything I see as I amble around.. Yes, Aina- the amblingindian it is. Simple, yet profound. All those reading- go for it .. Do think of one for yourself too.. 

Tagline "Aina - the amblingindian"


Aina -The amblingindian.

P.s special thanks to the trio of Rajesh's (Rajesh Pandey, Rajesh Kumar, Rajesh Prasad) and a fourth- almost, but not quite (Rakesh Godhwani) for inspiring this post. And a fifth friend ,Dr.Rajesh too, for his tips on good health and spirits...

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