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Silver , the new gold

Of late,  I have become a staunch admirer of silver. In a country which accounts for nearly one-third of the total world demand,  and gold is the universal metal to aspire for, how could this be?

A chance comment from an aunty –in- law ( bua /chachi /taiji/ kaki,  I can never get the real name , hence the generic  designation -aunty ) may have been the catalyst. For the lady in question, one of the matriarchs from the northern part of the country, described her culture shock in vivid terms, when she came to the south of this country, on one of her one – off jaunts, maybe a first time trip.  “ Lots of black people wearing lots of gaudy yellow gold", she went. Comments on skin apart( & I have always found black to be very beautiful  contrary to the popular view ,maybe  because I am a radical , also a contrarian at heart ), the statement did strike a chord somewhere. Gold, I realized, can be really gaudy , and gawky even at times. Visit the town of Madurai  and the Meenakshi temple there.  The street seems to have been bathed in gold. Your eyes may be hurt by the glare of the yellow metal  staring at you from every shop on the street, proudly displaying a glimmer of glittering ornaments .Some people actually find that inviting, so hard to resist that they end up hoarding the yellow stuff.  But silver? No such displays are to be found. It carries an understated elegance, a delicate, ethereal  feel, to say the least.

And that has led to my switch in toto. To my great joy, I have also discovered that silver comes at a fraction of the price of gold , so that I could potentially stock up on many hundreds, if not thousands of silver artefacts, jewels and the likes, indulging my senses completely , without breaking the bank. Thus began  my fascination with silver, which continues unabated.  Looks good at all times, beats inflation, and generally just feels good too.

Apart from jewellery, even nature seems to realize its value, as the precious years of wisdom, always translate into silver strands, and never to gold.  As for my silver medal, it is absolutely worth a lot more than its weight in gold.  Gold ? No thanks. Silver is right up there in my popularity stakes. Give me silver, anyday !

Aina Rao 

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