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Tips from the Professor !

Professor S.Roy, a good friend and an esteemed professor of marketing at the Indian School of Business, a top- notch B-school, complains about how difficult it is to put a comment on my blog, thanks to Google's super-secure technology, designed to weed out pranksters, jokesters, spam and general time wasters (unfortunately readers too at times).

Dear Professor, sure i have taken your tips on marketing, unique selling propositions, market positionings and the like, and tried them on my blog, even though my knowledge of marketing and its application has become fairly rusty by now. It being twenty years since I last did some case studies on others at B- School, I am now, twenty years later, having real fun, trying to do them on myself.

And so, after all that case study business, maybe I will attempt this simple lesson for my readers :

-A tip to help to post a comment- scroll down to the comment section that says " no comments" or ' N comments", click on it . -A window will magically open there. Do type your comments, and write your name in the comment box itself ( if you want to - that is). -In any case, when it asks you to post as someone, choose anonymous and submit. That's the easiest workaround i could find.

Don't forget the other links though, you could very easily: - Simply like the blog by clicking on vote (very top right) - Follow on Facebook (link to the top right) - Follow on twitter ( link on the right) - Follow by email ( again, link on the right) - Follow the blog  - scroll right down, log in with any of your IDs ( facebook/google/yahoo, etc ).That will also display your profile.

Hope all this helps. Do post your valuable feedback, comments, likes and shares. As always : " You, the readers, make me what I am - You enrich my journey, make it all so meaningful, so worth the while! "   11333 views now and growing- whoa! Thank you all, once again! Aina Rao The amblingindian

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