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The Great Rupee Circus

The rupee just went into free fall. But , hold on, say the authorities nee.. soothsayers , there's no need to panic. No panic Mr Authorities? Salaries just dropped by 40% , in absolute dollar terms. But , we shall not panic, after all the assurance, in lieu of  action. So what if  oil got any dearer ?We could ride bullock carts instead, and go back to the bullock cart economy.

Why should anyone panic? Just watch the tamasha* as others are doing, watch the circus in action as the acrobats swing around and the rupee keeps fa..a..aa.aa.ling.Think of the positives. the elections just got cheaper, in swiss money terms that is. So our collective savings account balances with the Swiss banks will stay high, inspite of an expensive election coming next year.

And no more "phoren" holidays. People can see more of their own country, maybe venturing as far as the Andamans and Nicobars. No need to fabricate airline tickets or boarding passes to claim a certain antiquated tax exemption called the " Leave travel allowance" , which, sadly, only applies for "domestic" travel. This time round, people can actually travel "domestic" and claim it, instead of travelling " phoren" and then having to fabricate the AIR India Boarding passes**. Well done , authorities, watching by the sidelines. The circus goes on...


Aina Rao. The amblingindian. *fun * *For the benefit of those who did not know, a new type of scam where some employees travelled " Foreign or Phoren" and forged domestic airline tickets to claim  leave travel tax exemption, only allowed for "domestic - or within India travel"

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