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Vote for BJP again ???

Updated: May 20, 2019

When people voted for the # bjp the last time , they voted for hope.hope that a corrupt regime would come to an end. Along with Mr #modi we embarked on the journey of hope.

The journey led us through scary terrain. Demonetization and gst. We were afraid but clung on. With hope that something good lay ahead for us as a nation. And continued on our journey of hope.

Few years down the line , the nation is now bewildered. Where was the journey leading us? To rapes of minors in the name of power? To harassment in the name of religion? What else? This is now terrifying, leading us down a path of fear...

#namo and # bjp please act now. Bring the nation back on the path you promised. The path of peace and prosperity. Not corruption and not crime.

Aina rao The amblingindian

Discovering india through quirky writings

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